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We are pleased to present to the Santo Tomás University community, Catholic institutions and the audience in general, the web page "Window to the Infinite" with a wish for those who surf it: inner Peace.

"A Window to the Infinite" is the fruit of a sustainable, judicious, and demanding work from different staff members at the Vicerrectoría de Educación Abierta y a Distancia that have devoted for about two years in the design and the realization of this work for Church's love.

It is important to point out that in the making of this project we have wished that everything will turn out just the way we want it and above all the great care for the content to be according to our Catholic and Dominican Principles.

Let's hope that "Window to the Infinite" deserves the grace to help to spread the Kingdom of God!.



About its use:

"Window to the Infinite" is Intended to offer a service that consists of showing the Christian message from a wide perspective. It is also intended for providing answers for several particular issues.

This is why it aims to make of each section a whole unit. In this aspect, "Window to the Infinite", is not just another web page among the others, but it is a collection of aspects. It provides information about issues that demand answers.

In order to facilitate the search, it is possible to find, at first instance, a general index in the home page. Then when you click on each button some, sub-menus will be displayed showing us the content for each one of the options offered by it

Additionally, over the upper banner, there will be three options, in which the user will find a comprehensive instrumental music and Christian songs library, the virtual services offered there, and links to Christian web pages.



Objectives and Purposes:


"WINDOW TO THE INFINITE" aims to provide support in the process of integration of life and faith personal experiences with the university work, through all the service and help that each individual can give to a needy community, inspired by the Gospel and enlightened by the love of God.

To promote in participants who access kindly to this web-site, the reflection, updating, projection and performance of all their life projects in the short, medium and long term; integrating social, spiritual, and scientific aspects.




Social Projection:


Through the social projection of this work, we aim to support participants in their spiritual growth, having "WINDOW TO THE INFINITE" as a real Christian community, centered to help and in the service of needy communities.