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La Sagrada Familia

Never too late to pause on the road and wonder if your family triumphs as an organization in which its members are well guided toward a goal and practice the values and virtues that have been taught, or whether the efforts of family organization are focused on achieving tangible property..

Discuss many hours you spend on business and if you fail to give the family time to engage in production. Remember the words of a father or mother to their children in the home may leave more tracks that sound economic move .


Temptations that lead to failure

Both Dad and Mom can fall into errors that do nothing but harm the unity and harmony of the family. These are some of the common temptations to be avoided in the fall:




Temptation of exclusivism
toward the children, neglecting other duties of the home.

Temptation of the machismo:
When the wife is considered simply as an element 'sexual-domestic'.

Temptation Domain :
When a mother wants the child to continue depending on it all his life and not let him develop as an independent person.

Temptation to live his own life:
When a participant is not the wife and children of the fun and entertainment plans, but chooses to leave with their "buddies".

Temptation of the own abandonment:
When a mother with such intensity is dedicated to the care of the family, physically and spiritually neglected. The intellectual abandonment is one of the barriers that stand between parents and children.

Temptation to delegate responsibilities:
When you leave the parenting to his wife by the false belief that "man and woman provides education.".

The temptation of oblivion conjugal:
It is when the husband neglects to address the children. This problem is often a cause for infidelity and marital failures.

Temptation always tired:
With this excuse remains outside of work and problems at home without showing interest in collaborating with the bride.

Temptation of preference:
It is the unequal distribution of affection and attention to children. This creates great resentment in the family.

Temptation of indifference:
When there are no details with his wife and children and forget times like anniversaries and birthdays, there are harmful consequences for the family unit.


There are also defects that occur in the attitudes of parents towards their children that lead to failure of the family as a successful institution.


Some of them are:


Authoritarianism: The dictate by dictate. It's a defect but not own selfish parents who are not interested in listening to their children nor valued as individuals.

Prohibitions: Parents who at any time using the expression: 'do not do'. Mandates must be always positive. For example, instead of saying 'do not walk down the street', say 'get on the sidewalk'. The always say NO to the kids, they create a negative and fearful attitude toward life.

Passion: It's lack of composure when parents scold or punish their children. This will commit injustices that can create fear and distrust of the children to their parents.

Family Interference: When persons other than parents try to monitor or intervene in the education of children. This creates much confusion and difference of opinion, which is very damaging to the unity of the family.

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