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Good-bye children… Welcome ADOLESCENTS PDF Print

One of the most critical moments in the relationship father-son is the arrival of the adolescence. Learn how to understand their son to take a more productive, affective and respectful relationship. 
"An adolescent is a boy with fear to grow". This definition of a sing-author is maybe the best way to describe the particular situation that the youths live in one of the stages of the growth that bigger difficulties bear and that the parents sometimes are not able to understand.

But the problem of the incomprehension is not exclusive of the progenitors. The children neither are able to understand their parents and they come them as antiquated beings, "talkative" and unaware to the changes that they suffer. 
The great fear of the family with the adolescent children is to adapt to the new human being that is the youth and the changes of the other members of the family.: the father comes closer to the jubilation, the mother to the menopause and the children begin to have bigger independence. To stay in the past, in the infantile relationship, it makes him to be difficult to understand this new stage in which they try to secure their identity. 
The main problems during this stage belong not only the result of the fear from the children to face many changes (social, corporal, psychological), but also of the parents to accept that everything happened it. 
It is necessary to understand the adolescent's changes. "In the measure in that the parents accept the bereavement of the step from the childhood to the adolescence, it will be possible to develop certain tools to adjust the relationship and their expectations between parents and children."