Inicio Life Project Pastoral Message

Truly Christ is Risen




Happy Easter of Resurrection! This is the day of light! This is a truly happy day! This is the day that joins the heaven with the earth, the day that joins the divine to the human. This is the clearest day in the universe. This is the day that make us new beings, the day that make us witness that Christ resurrected and lives, the day that HE makes us His sons, the day that gives us water, that shouts inside of us "come to the Father". This is the day that makes us brothers.

Christ is the light that illuminates every man that come to this world" Christ is the Light and we are the ones that relive the mystery of Easter because of our baptism, thus, we feel that once we were "made of light in The Lord".

What a beautiful opportunity for us to feel  new! To commit ourselves to make new our family; new our house, new our community and new the world!, so, the fruits of the light are all truth, all justice, and all goodness (Ephesus 5,8-9).

How I wish that today, - Sunday of Resurrection-, we all felt more the responsibility and joy radiating like witnesses"this Light"

The Light, the Water, the Bread!  The Light that makes us witnesses, Water that make us sons, Bread that make us brothers.

And on this unforgettable day of Resurrection, in this happy Easter Day, the clearest and happiest day! What other greeting can we offer? But the one given by Christ resurrected to the disciples -still oppressed by uncertainty and fears: "Peace be with you" (John 20, 19)

Today, I want to take possession of that quiet and strong anouncement, as if our voice was a faithful echo of His voice; and from him, from Christ Resurrected to repeat to each one of you: "Peace to everyone" And raising the voice from heart to extend this serene Easter vote to the families and friends. 

But with wat right do we assume that peaceful voice? -Because all the Christians must be announcers of Peace and joy; because this is the gospel, the message that must become common; and, because, as we have already said, this shout is not generated inside of us, but we have heard it from Christ Resurrected Himself; from Whom we make instruments of His voice to repeat it . It is His peace that  we all announce.

If anybody asks, what meaning does the word "peace" assume in this circumstance? We can just answer that our Easter Peace means a great certainty, a great confidence.  Did not we all have a need of certainty in thought  and of security when acting?

Let's observe: as much as men seek, study, think, discover and builds their gigantic tower of culture, they feel more insecure of the validity  of their reasoning, of the objective truth, of the existential utility of knowledge, of their own immortality. Doubts besiege  them, doubts cloud them, doubts cover them, doubts torment them… Then, they feed  of their experience; they base their knowledge on  the big and rithmical words, their fears take advantage over the value of everything. 

Therefore, with this Easter wish, with this Easter greeting, we the Christians are able to offer to the men -who are drowned in the sea of  doubts and of their own obscurity- a safe base. On this safe base, which is not product of our imagination, we can really build our lives, "The Christian life" for our families, the religious life for our homes and convents. Yes, in the incomparable certainty, that the Church has been giving testimony since twenty centuries ago: "Christ has resurrected. (cfr. Hch 2, 24)."    

This is the new and prodigious , truthful and uncontroversial arrival, over which all is made, is always and forever, " The angular rock,  rejected by the builders. There is no other salvation than this one."

To all of you, with hope, we transmit the certainty, a certainty  of faith, a certainty of confidence and hope, the confidence  of love that comes from the Easter announcement. Yes, with feelings of faith and hope recieve all the peace of Christ resurrected "dawn of a new and serene journey in thehistory of the world." 
We hope The Virgin of the Easter, The Virgin of the joy and hope, the Virgin of  silence and light… The Virgin of the alleluia makes shine in all of us the certainty of Christ resurrected . We hope the Virgin of the new man makes  us new people in spirit. We hope the Virgin of the charity and service makes us open to our brothers and commit us to hug the world enlightening it with the fecundity of love.

¡Happy Easter of Resurrection!

Father: Luis Francisco Sastoque Poveda O.P.