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Lord. God, Our Father, we give you thank you for the priests that are a gift and a sign of your love. 
They manifest us your good and rich heart in mercy, they offer us Jesus' salvation and they help us to live in the Sacred Spirit. 
Grant us shepherds according to your heart, it blesses the seminarians, and make them not to lack in the Church children and young that follow the priestly vocation.  
By Jesus Christ, our Mr.. Amen.

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What is Vocation?

One can have likes for many things and ability for other so many ones, but the vocation is one, it absorbs you and it takes you to leave in second plane, the rest.

There are likes in that one is only a consumer of them, in which we like "to consume them" but we are not imaginative in that line, that is to say we don't have aptitudes for it.

There are likes in that there is only a personal pleasure and they don't make any delivery sense, as taking vacations for example. This doesn't bring a feedback of the motivations because the satisfaction that is the one that produces it is not.

There are other things that we like because we are skilled in it and this makes us feel well, but there is not bigger curiosity for the same task. The pleasure that we feel is for a feeding to our self-esteem and the recognition of the other ones.

In the VOCATION it is the curiosity and the pleasure for the realization of the same task and not only for their achievements (LIKE); they are already happened new things or points of view different to those existent in this, you cheer up to speculate, to make hypothesis, you feel an intuitive security that somehow you will go out ahead with this and you wanted to make it to your way (APTITUDE).
You feel that this is very necessary for the other ones or for the life. (SURRENDER).

Why to choose for Vocation?

It is certain that each one decides their life, if it continues or not their vocation; but the life claims satisfactions mainly past the 30 and the bad thing that the person doesn't find them in any part, it is not not something that can be invented, what produces him satisfaction for other for a person and you/he/she is in her vocation where this arrives.

Now, one can think that one could choose a work or career in relation to obtain bigger revenues and to develop their vocation like a hobbie. But it happens that a work absorbs 8 daily hours, it occupies your attention most of the time, it amuses toward other capacities and how there is not satisfaction in her it finishes not finding him flavor to anything, what transforms it in a load.

Discovering our vocation?

For that it is necessary to dare to dream.
For we will have to stop it to include us in other people's plans, of trying to discover requirements of the means, of pursuing convenient situations, of considering the lack of means.

It is the only form of knowing toward where ours goes. In what address we come projected. WE WILL KNOW TOWARD WHERE WE GO.
But it is necessary to know what type of dreams it is, because to one they move it many reasons, for what a without number of them can take it to yearn something, as: to satisfy a necessity, to be given a pleasure, the search of a relief or I relieve, to give something to a to be wanted, etc. But these yearnings, although valid, they don't indicate Vocation.

The type of DREAMS or YEARNINGS that indicate a VOCATION, are those that are presented as a delight of dreaming awake, of being happy in the things that produce you energy, happiness, it is when you say “I fly me with this”. In that you like to imagine to be able to carry out certain things. He/she responds to what “to want to make in the life.”
it can be any thing, but that gives the address of him ours.
These yearnings or dreams can distinguish them for two fundamental factors:

• PERSONAL PLEASURE when carrying out the task.