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Dominican Saints
St. Catherine of Siena



Virgin, mystic spouse of Christ. The second woman to be proclaimed as a Doctor of the Church, Tertiary of the Dominican Order, counsellor of Popes, author of the "Dialogue of divine Providence".      

Patron Saint of Ayas, Italy, Prevention of fires -Feast: April 29th

St. Pius V


Sovereign Pontiff

(1572) The message who this Pope sent to congratulate the victorious army is very interesting. It says:
"It was not the technique, it were not the weapons, which gave us the victory. It was the intercession of the Holy Virgen Mary, Mother of God".

St. Peter of Verona


Saint Peter, Dominican martyr. He was born circa 1205, in Verona, a city of the Italian Lombardy, which was affected by the heresy of the Cathars, disseminators of manichaeism in Central and Northern Italy.

Feast: April 29th

Blessed Jordan of Saxony


Beato Jordán of Sajonia

1237. He was the successor of St. Dominic de Guzman, and the most outstanding disseminator of the Dominican Fathers  Community

Feast: February 13th

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