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Spiritual guidance  is the assistance or positive help a person receives from another who is especially qualified, because of his/her education, experience and personal santity, to discern God's will and practice the christian virtues. This direction has as a criterior the revealed truth by God to the Catholic Church. The guidance process intends to apply this truth to personal life taking always into account  the Holy Spirit's assistance, who is the souls' main director. 

Spiritual guidance must start from a voluntary search from who compromised to progress with God. The Church, because of its long experience, recognizes the  need for spiritual guidace since, as a consequence of sin , human beings get confused easily, dragged  by their passions, and try to justify their errors with ease. The spiritual guide helps people  to be objective, separating them from attachments that make their souls blind,  so they can see the truth although  they do not like it.

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